We are happy to announce the premiere of Murray Mednick’s Mayakovsky and Stalin on October 17th, at the celebrated Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City. Building on the success in LA last year, the production features a stellar cast directed by the playwright himself. This is the first production of Murray’s work in NYC since Joe and Betty in 2005. We will look forward to keeping you abreast of this important production all along the way, including the publication of the play by Padua Press in October.


AirLock tracks a crisis on the International Space Station in which an astronaut–Blake Black–is refusing to return from a space walk. The airlock he would return to is also malfunctioning in mysterious ways, and a Russian cosmonaut named Olga appears to be trapped there. The late night response of NASA’s ground control is being handled by Blake’s ex-lover, Christy, who quickly discovers there is much more than meets the eye in this high-tech, high-passion, high-stakes game of cosmic sabotage. Psychotropic radioactive mushrooms, systems theory, the Altai princess and the Super Bowl broadcast play important roles in this extreme space odyssey.

This is a non-ticketed event.


~ Guy Zimmerman, Playwright


Padua Playwrights continues a writing, performance, and teaching tradition that began Off Off Broadway and was sustained and refined at the Padua Hills Playwrights Workshop/Festival. The Festival prospered on the right balance between teaching a serious writing workshop and the production of a professional festival of new work.

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The Padua approach to the writing of plays, cultivated collectively in writing workshops, involves training rigorously in the formal aspects of the playwright’s craft, and then neutralizing the conceptual mind in favor of a more open awareness in which listening constitutes the fundamental act.

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Padua Playwrights exists to cultivate unique and transformational voices in American theater through workshops, publications and productions.

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